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Parvel GROW

WiFi baby monitor [audio / camera / GPS / 3G / SIM] - Parvel GROW

€139,50 EUR

The best baby monitor we have created.

Parvel GROW uses the latest technology to safely monitor your child while he/she is sleeping. Parvel GROW is still built around the concept of small, easy to use smart phone connected baby monitors, just like its predecessor Parvel GO.
Parvel GROW connects through WiFi or 3G ensuring unlimited range and connectivity where ever you are. Apart from the range, this technology also enables multiple areas of usage making Parvel GROW a truly versatile unit.
Parvel GROW is also 100% compatible with Parvel GO and the two units can easily be paired through the app. This way the parent will get a complete solution with all the benefits and perks - all in one app. That is why we believe that we have created the best baby monitor around.

Let Parvel GROW do the work.

As parents ourselves we know what it's like to have a baby. The over whelming feeling of having created something so beautiful but also the constant worry and fear that something is going to happen. Add a few days, weeks or even years(!) of sleep depravation and that will take it's toll on just about anyone. This is where we come in! Parvel GROW is designed to make your life as a parent easier, regardless if you have a newborn baby or a 6-year old.
To monitor your child's sleep our baby monitor uses audio sensors, where you as a parent can customise the level of sensitivity to suit your child. As all of our baby monitors, Parvel GROW connects to your smart phone using our app that is free to download for both iOS and Android. As soon as sound is detected Parvel GROW will push out an alert directly to your smart phone. You can then chose to listen in in real-time to hear what's going on or go and check in on your baby.
Continuously running sleep sessions using any of our baby monitors will also provide you with what we call sleep-insights in our app. Use these to keep track of when and for how long your baby has been sleeping. Compare days to find a pattern and understand your child's sleep cycle, ultimately leading to a well rested child that sleeps when he/she is supposed to and all through out the night.

A baby monitor with camera.

Parvel GROW has a small but surprisingly efficient camera. If you need to verify an alarm you can also launch a video stream to both see and hear what is going on. But Parvel GROW is so much more that just a traditional baby monitor. Imagine having a small, portable camera that you can use and move virtually and use anywhere. No wall-mounting brackets or screws to worry about. If you are going somewhere - just pop it in your bag. If your child is sleeping in a different room - just move it. If your child is playing and you need to go into a different room to do something - just move Parvel GROW to where they are, launch a video stream and you can see that they are safe.

Parvel GROW(s) with your child.

As your child grows older, or if there are older siblings your needs as a parent will change. For older children you might not have the same need to monitor their sleep as you would with a newborn. However you might have the need to know where they are, to make sure they have made it safely to school or their friends house or to simply get in contact with them. This typically requires that you buy them a smart phone. Not only is that expensive, they also tend to break easily and your child immediately gets access to tons of apps, games and the Internet. As a parent you might not be quite ready to open up that door just yet.
With Parvel GROW you'll get the most essential benefits of a phone without the extra and potentially harmful content.
Use Parvel GROW to track your child, setup geofences and know that your child is safe. If you need to get in contact with them, or they need to contact you Parvel GROW can be equipped with a SIM-card that allows you to call both to and from the unit. You can even setup a "white list" of allowed incoming and outgoing phone numbers ensuring that only trusted contacts will be able to contact your child. 

Accessories that enables that personal touch.

Parvel GROW is delivered with a white protective silicone casing. The casing will on one act as a protection of the unit but also enables the possibility to easily modify the look of the unit. Eventually different colours will become available and later also different designs.

Technical specification.

Size 5x5x1,5 cm (incl. protective silicone case)
Weight 35g
Microphone Yes
Speaker  Yes
SD Camera  Yes
Nightvision No
Motion sensor Yes, in combination with Parvel GO
Temperature sensor Yes, in combination with Parvel GO
Yes, but not for monitoring
Single-band (2.4GHz) single stream
802.11 b/g/n MAC/BB/RF
802.11 d/h/k compliant
Security: WFA WPA/WPA2 personal,
WPS2.0, WAPI (Hardware)
Supports Wi-Fi Direct (WFA P-2-P standard)
Supports HotSpot 2.0 Passpoint 
Mobile Network
2G: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
3G: 850/1900/2100 Mhz
Best-in-class sensitivity performance
Full A-GPS capability
Active interference cancellation for up to
8 in-band tones
Low-power operational modes
Support TCXO
Support co-clock with AP/MD
5Hz update rate
Supports external LNA
5-10m accuracy
3.7 V 460mAh Li-ion battery (re-chargeable)
Stand-by time
2 days
Package contains
1 pcs of Parvel GROW unit
1 pcs of magnetic charging cable
1 pcs of extension cable
1 pcs of Quick-start guide
1 pcs of mounting strap

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