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Parvel GROW baby monitor [ GPS / phone / audio / camera / 3G / WiFi ]

€129.99 EUR

A multi-purpose baby monitor

5x5 cm packed with the latest technology

Parvel GROW is, like its predecessor, a small, portable unit ready to make your life as a parent a whole lot easier.

Connect Parvel GROW to your smartphone and monitor your baby's sleep through audio and video technology. Receive alerts in your phone as soon as something happens or tap in on-demand to see & hear your child.

Parvel GROW connects through WiFi or 3G. This ensures unlimited range but also opens up for several exiting areas where Parvel GROW can be used making it extremely verrsatile.

baby monitor phone gps tracker children

Parvel GROW(s) with your child

GPS tracker for children and your child's first phone

As your child grows up, or if your youngest has older siblings, you'll find that your needs as a parent changes. That is why we have equipped Parvel GROW with a GPS tracker allowing the parent to track the wearer directly in our app. Perfect for when your kids start walking to school by themselves or start playing alone in the playground.

Using a SIM-card you can even call to and from Parvel GROW ensuring that you can always reach your child without having to buy them a full-fledged smartphone. You can even build a "white list" of approved contacts knowing that only people you trust are able to call your child.

Technical specification

Size 5x5x1,5 cm (incl. protective silicone case)
Weight 35g
Microphone Yes
Speaker  Yes
SD Camera  Yes
Nightvision No
Motion sensor No, (yes in combination with Parvel GO)
Temperature sensor No, (yes in combination with Parvel GO)
Yes, but not for monitoring
Single-band (2.4GHz) single stream
802.11 b/g/n MAC/BB/RF
802.11 d/h/k compliant
Security: WFA WPA/WPA2 personal,
WPS2.0, WAPI (Hardware)
Supports Wi-Fi Direct (WFA P-2-P standard)
Supports HotSpot 2.0 Passpoint 
Mobile Network
2G: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
3G: 850/1900/2100 Mhz
Best-in-class sensitivity performance
Full A-GPS capability
Active interference cancellation for up to
8 in-band tones
Low-power operational modes
Support TCXO
Support co-clock with AP/MD
5Hz update rate
Supports external LNA
5-10m accuracy
3.7 V 460mAh Li-ion battery (re-chargeable)
Stand-by time
2 days
Package contains
1 pcs of Parvel GROW unit
1 pcs of magnetic charging cable
1 pcs of extension cable
1 pcs of Quick-start guide
1 pcs of mounting strap

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