Introducing Parvel

The next generation baby monitor


Motion detection

Receive instant alerts as soon as you baby wakes up or starts to move


Temperature monitoring

Monitor the temperature where your baby is sleeping in real-time


Small. Cordless. Chargeless.

Low radiation levels and up to two years runtime on a single battery



Parvel has got you covered.


Baby product of the year

We are incredibly proud to have been voted Baby product of the year 2018 in the category Safety.

The award is given by the Swedish Toy & Baby Association

Keep track of the temperature

With Parvel® you can rest assured that your baby is sleeping at safe temperatures since Parvel® alerts you if it gets to hot or to cold. On a sunny day the temperature inside a pram can rise quickly to dangerous levels but with Parvel® you will immediately get an alert when the temperature starts to rise and you can move the pram to the shade.

A perfect feature when your baby is sleeping outdoors in the pram or when you are going for a walk.

Parvel connects to your smart phone for alarms and insights through our free app available for iOS and Android.

Join the baby monitor revolution with Parvel

Parvel® is a niftier baby monitor that connects to your phone/tablet through Bluetooth and keeps track of motion and temperature where your baby is sleeping. Our studies show that motion detection is a far more safe and secure way of monitoring your baby's sleep compared to a "traditional" baby monitor, that only detects sound. This is primarily because babies don't always cry when they wake up, but they most certainly move. And when they cry - they move. The motions sensors in Parvel® are extremely sensitive and can be configured to detect the even slightest movement if needed. 

Another neat feature is that Parvel® requiers no charging. the replaceable  battery lasts up to two years and with its compact format you will want to bring it everywhere.

Parvel features

Some of the features included in Parvel and our app

Parvel - Motion & Temperature baby monitor
  • Motion sensor

    Monitor your baby's motions and receive alerts when your baby wakes up or starts to move

  • Temperature

    Monitor the temperature where your baby is sleeping in real-time and receive alerts if the temperature deviates

  • Statistics

    View and analyze data of how your baby has been sleeping and get insight into when/how your baby is sleeping at its best

  • Timer

    Use the built in timer to keep track of for how long your baby has slept or to create an alarm for when it's time to wake up

  • The home screen

    View the current, start and target temperature for the session. Access quick-settings and see the signal strength to your Parvel device.

  • Quick settings

    Change the target temperature for the active session and enable/disable sensors/alarms

  • Settings

    Set the threshold for the temperature sensor and sensitivity for the motion sensors. Set your baby's ideal target temperature and sleep duration.

  • Statistics

    Get data and insights based on your baby's sleeping pattern


"Works like a charm!"

"Thank you for a great product! 5/5!"

"The size is perfect and it is super easy to use! I love the fact that I don't have to worry about chargers or batteries!"

"I bought a Parvel just to try it out, had no real expectations at first but was surprised of how easy it was to use and how well it works"