Introducing Parvel GO+

The new and improved next generation baby monitor


Temperature monitoring

Monitor the temperature where your baby is sleeping in real-time


Motion detection

Receive instant alerts as soon as you baby wakes up or starts to move


The best Baby Monitor?

Parvel GO+ is small and easy to use

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Parvel GO+

Now introducing the all new and improved Parvel GO+

Parvel GO+ is the latest version of the beloved small & compact baby monitor. Parvel GO+ has been fitted with the latest technology to ensure:

✅ A more stable and reliable connection to your phone.

✅ Longer range

✅ A reworked and more durable casing

Just as its predecessor Parvel GO, Parvel GO+ use advanced motion & temperature sensors to monitor your child's sleep and will alert the parent as soon as the baby wakes up and starts to move.

Monitoring your child's sleep through motion detection has proven to be more accurate than using and audio monitor as all babies don't wake up crying.

Parvel HOME

Smartphone baby monitor at its best

Parvel HOME is our phone-to-phone based baby monitor solution where you connect two smartphones and leave one phone with your baby and keep one in your pocket.

This is an affordable and practical solution to monitor your baby's sleep using audio & video.

Parvel HOME is a feature within our app. Download the app and try it out for free.

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  • The home screen

    Current and recent events collected in one place. Log illness, feeding, growth and sleep and use this view to get an easy to follow overview.

  • Baby Monitor

    The main Baby Monitor screen. Start/stop sleep session, keep track of the temperature and view stats from the current sleep session.

  • Settings

    Set the threshold for the temperature sensor and sensitivity for the motion sensors. Set your baby's ideal target temperature and sleep duration.

  • Sleep log

    View the logged sleep events and get an overview of how much and when your baby has been sleeping.


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"The size is perfect and it is super easy to use! I love the fact that I don't have to worry about chargers or batteries!"

"I bought a Parvel just to try it out, had no real expectations at first but was surprised of how easy it was to use and how well it works"