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Parvel GO babymonitor [bluetooth / movements / temperature]

€56.99 EUR
Parvel GO babymonitor [bluetooth / movements / temperature]

Parvel GO babymonitor [bluetooth / movements / temperature]

€56.99 EUR

Baby monitor with bluetooth, vibration & temperature sensors. Ideal for outdoor use.

Parvel GO is a Bluetooth baby monitor that keeps track of the temperature and vibrations where your baby is sleeping. Compared to a "traditional" baby monitor that only monitors sound, Parvel GO will analyse your baby's sleep pattern based on vibrations and alert the you even as your baby is about to wake up. As a parent that gives you those extra valuable seconds to be able to get there before your child wakes up to soothe them back to sleep if they woke up to early or just to be there when they wake up.

Sleep in healthy temperatures.

Making sure that your baby is sleeping in healthy temperatures can sometimes be vital.

The surrounding air temperature is often something completely different than in a pram or stroller, inside an overall or sleeping bag. Thanks to its small size Parvel GO can be placed to measure the temperature the child actually is exposed to. Simply place Parvel GO underneath the blanket or inside the sleeping bag to get accurate readings of the temperature directly in your smartphone. If the temperature starts to change you will be alerted immediately. 

You can select which sensors to have activated and also set the level of sensitivity. This way you can tailor the settings to suit your child or even use different settings for different children. 

One unit. No cords. No charging.

The small and compact size of Parvel GO (4x4cm) makes it ideal to bring and use anywhere. Parvel GO is CE and RoHS certified and the soft white casing breathes quality and classic Scandinavian design.

With Parvel GO there is no need to bother with depleted batteries, power adaptors or extra units. Parvel GO and your smartphone is all you need. It is always on and always ready making Parvel GO an ideal baby monitor alternative.

The battery in Parvel GO will last you up to 2 years and is easily replaced once depleted.

The Bluetooth technology used in Parvel GO ensures what is probably the lowest radiation emitted among the available baby monitors today, making it a safer option for your baby. Parvel GO's SAR-value is 0,002 W/kg which is up to 50-100x lower than other baby monitors.

Parvel GO is ideal to use when out and about with your baby, whether it's going for a stroll a cold winter's day going out for a picknick a hot day in July Parvel GO is the baby monitor that has your back. Since it is so easy to bring, Parvel GO is also a great alternative when going on vacation or traveling.

Sleep insights

Continuously running sleep sessions using any of our baby monitors will also provide you with what we call Sleep Insights in our app. Use them to keep track of when and for how long your baby has been sleeping. Compare days to find a pattern and understand your child's sleep cycle, ultimately leading to a well rested child that sleeps when he/she is supposed to and all through out the night.

Full compatibility

As with any of our products Parvel GO is fully compatible. This means that it can be used in combination with our in-app baby monitor Parvel HOME for audio and video monitoring as well as taking benefit from Parvel GO's sensors. 

Technical specification

Size 4x4 cm 
Weight 25 g
Temperature Yes
Vibration sensor Yes
Audio No (Yes in combination with Parvel HOME)
Camera No (Yes in combination with Parvel HOME)
Bluetooth Yes, BLE 4,2
Range 20-30 meters
Battery 3V-button cell CR2477
Operating time Up to 2 years (battery replaced when depleted)
Package contains
  • 1 pcs of Parvel GO
  • 1 pcs of quick-start guide


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